10 Signs You Might Be a Sanctimummy

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Yes, yes I’m a lazy sack of useless crap and I haven’t posted on the blog this week.

This week’s post is over at Mumtastic instead. You can READ IT HERE.

Are you a sanctimummy?

Hint: if you have a sense of humour you’re probably safe…

And apologies to the lady in the stock photo – I’m sure you’re very lovely.



10 thoughts on “10 Signs You Might Be a Sanctimummy

  1. Yeah. Not my favourite kinda mommy lol but I don’t care what people think about my parenting other than my husbands opinion. Thankfully I haven’t really felt is had these moments around me.

    • OK you must be my spirit sister because I was saying EXACTLY that on a post another blogging friend wrote about judgement. I am too arrogant to give a shit what anyone else thinks – I actually think I’m a pretty awesome mum and that my kids are lucky to have me.

  2. Oh those bitches can blow me. I don’t know how they get their kids to eat all that super healthy food. We started doing lunches this year for pre-school and my freezer is now full of fucking healthy homemade shit my kid refuses to eat. I am SO SICK of slaving away and coming up with ideas so he can poo poo them. Yesterday’s I don’t like it was for veg sausage rolls which I thought tasted pretty good but nooooooo. No wonder we end up back at sandwiches and cold sausages *sigh*

  3. Another brilliant post – you never fail to make me laugh! I have had a sanctimummy apologise to me once though. She had berated me over switching to formula feeding for first bub (long story and wasn’t any of her business), and what made this worse was that at this stage, she didn’t have any kids of her own! When she did have a baby and struggled with breast feeding, she did actually apologise for the comment she had made to me and admitted she was wrong and that parenting was hard. A late apology, but still an apology.

    • Naaaw, thank you! x The ones who bang on about formula feeding are the WORST, in my humble opinion. I’m glad that she finally realised just how hard that shit is. Hopefully it makes her think twice now before judging someone when you’ve never walked in their shoes.

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