Everyday Style: How to Dress for a Thermomix Party

thermomix style 1. First aid bum bag  $129.95 2.  Dettol hand sanitiser  $4.95  3. Emergency beacon  $299.95  4. A-level Hazmat suit  $4000.00  5. Earplugs  $2.95 6. Hip flask $59.95

Thermomix parties are so hot right now!

Not only are they hot, they are a breeding ground for the notorious Thermomix virus, which creates a style challenge like no other. You want to look good, but you also want to minimise the risk of infection.


How to combine style with protection?

Here are six tips you’ll need before deciding on what to wear to your next Thermomix party. We know that many savvy fashionistas are on a budget, so the total cost of the outfit and accessories we’ve chosen comes in at less than $5000!

1. Swap your handbag for a First-Aid fanny pack

Everyone knows that 2014 is the “Year of the Bum Bag”, with fanny-pack fashionistas like Sarah Jessica Parker and Chanel getting on board with all things bum. Doubling as a portable first-aid kit, this awesome statement bag is brimming with style and saline solution, which you will need to disinfect the wounds of anyone who dares try and guilt-trip you into hosting one of these parties yourself. Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 9.31.49 pm

2. Douse yourself in deliciously-scented hand sanitiser

We love this multi-pupose fragrance. Not only will this kill 99.99% of bacteria, it will bathe you in the delicate scent of methyl alcohol. Our pick is Cucumber & Melon, for on-the-go-protection with the illogical olfactory combination of two totally arbitrary fruits!

(Note: Thermomix virus is one of the 0.01% of germs unable to be killed by hand sanitiser. Please seek medical advice before using this ineffectual product)

3. Invest in a one-off statement piece like an emergency beacon

Nothing makes a statement like this nifty little neon-green emergency beacon, and that statement says “HELP! GET ME THE @#$% OUT OF HERE!” Your chances of being located and rescued by the relevant authorities are greatly increased, so they are definitely worth the additional expense.

4. Plan your outfit, starting with a protective suit

The foundation of every great Thermomix party outfit starts with an A-grade Hazmat suit, with its full facepiece and self-contained breathing apparatus. These offer the highest level of protection against biological pathogens like the Thermomix virus, and they come in a stylish range of fashionable colours.

5. It’s going to be boring, so your outfit should reflect that

Ear plugs aren’t just an optional extra for Thermomix parties – they are a mandatory accessory, kind of like what fascinators are to the Melbourne Cup. It’s always nice to match your earplugs to your outfit, because it’s the thoughtful little details that pull everything together, transforming a good outfit into a great one.

6. You will need to be drunk for this, so accessorise with a hip flask

You will be stuck in a room watching someone make rice milk custard and fruit sorbet for two hours. You are going to need to be liquored up, and at 10am there are no guarantees that your special requirements for liquid relief are going to be catered to. Savvy fashionistas know that BYO is the new black!

So tell me, have you been to a Thermomix party?

What did you wear?

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88 thoughts on “Everyday Style: How to Dress for a Thermomix Party

  1. WHAT??? This explains a lot, why I am infected. I went to a Thermomix party with out any of these. A hip flask would have gone a long way. When I went I was wanting to douse the sorbet in tequila and make a cocktail so badly …

  2. Lol. No, I’ve never been to one. I’m the uninitiated. I just don’t get it. I can’t understand spending so much money on a kitchen appliance. Then again maybe my family would love me for it and they’d never have to eat bland, boring or burnt food again.

  3. The Hazmat suit is a nice touch… though I’d probably go for basic black. I’d also be packing a flamethrower in case “the infected” start to get too close… I’ve seen the movies. 😉

  4. I’ve never been to one, never will. I got a rice cooker the other day. That’s technologically advanced enough for me. My favourite thing about baking is getting my (freshly washed) hands in the mixture. Thermomix spoils the fun!

  5. “Ear plugs aren’t just an optional extra for Thermomix parties – they are a mandatory accessory, kind of like what fascinators are to the Melbourne Cup.”
    Hahahaha (breath) funny lady 😉

  6. Haha! Hilarious!
    I have never been to a Thermie party. In fact, I have never actually seen a Thermomix in cold, hard plastic flesh. I can just imagine the sorts who attend and the outfits that are upon them. (Makes me homesick for my old suburb!)
    I have got to attend one now and will refer to your tips.
    I was invited to a Tupperware party once which I didn’t attend (I’ve been to several thousand.) Apparently this one I missed was a classic: Everything the demonstrator baked was an epic failure – so wished I had been there to witness it, SO wished I had!

    • Don’t tell anyone, but I actually really enjoyed it! It’s weird the way the universe works, I’ve gone so long without even having sighted one of these things and then it turns out I’m off to two parties in a week. LOL. I had one last Saturday and I have one this Saturday!

  7. Loving your thermomix tales. I obviously went and was infected but I didn’t have a first aid kit which I did need, because I cut my finger on the sharp blades!

    • LOLOLOLOL!! You have to watch those blades. We are talking German engineering and manufacture, so everything is top notch. You should have sued them for damages. A free Thermo, perhaps? Slightly bloodstained.

  8. What’s your advice for possible infection when being near a Thermomix but not actually at a party? I have school canteen duty next week and the canteen manager is infected with the Thermie Virus. She bought one for the canteen and I might have to use it (under duress of course). I’m thinking that a hazmat suit might scare the kiddies…

  9. PMSL! What’s the bet you’re going to be a fully converted Thermie groupie by the end of the party!
    I’ve never been (or invited) to a Thermomix party. Should I be sad? Or jumping for joy in my Hazmat suit?

  10. OMG – if only I could come up with stuff!! Hilarious!! I would so come to a Thermie party you hosted! Never been to one actually and never been invited to one. Sort of glad actually coz those things are expensive!! Loving your chosen shade of green and coordination skills!! 😉

  11. Hip flask be damned! I think you need one of those backpack things hikers & marathon runners use – filled the booze and continue to suck on the long tube thing throughout the entire party. Until someone trips over you and advises it’s all over!

  12. I’ve been to 2 parties. I caught the virus. I am even going to *gasp* have my own party! I should buy hazmat suits for my guests. It’s too late for me, but I may be able to save some of THEM.

  13. ha ha ha you are very funny. I happen to LOVE my thermomix, in fact it is one of my most prized posessions…however I still had a laugh at this. I can understand how people can perceive this as a nasty infection…if we ever meet you better get kitted up as I can rant all day about my beloved machine (I might even wear a fanny pack. Hang on, nah) 🙂

  14. I don’t understand the whole thermo religion, I have been invited to so many of these parties and have politely (with eye rolling and bored as f*@k look on my face) declined so that they will stop asking.
    I have no interest in attending a thermo party or taking out a small loan just so I can cook. I will NOT be sucked into the cult.

  15. Bahahahaha! Hilarious, as usual! The Thermomix trend hasn’t quite made it to Boganville where I live. Sigh. Unless there are cashed up bogans hosting these parties and they’re just not inviting me. HMPH. While I don’t actually want one, I wouldn’t mind having the cash to buy one for my Mum. She loves cooking and baking and it is extremely skilled at it. It would be wasted on me.

  16. PMSL – sadly this post is about 6 hrs too late 😦 I ordered a thermomix this morning !!!!!
    These posts have had me having to stop mid post and go to the toilet (I am getting on and my bladder control is not what it used to be. Do those pelvic floor exercises that your Mom or friends have told you to do – especially after having had children, you won’t regret it in your ‘later years’ !!!!)
    I have been to 2 parties – about 4 yr apart – and we hosted one on Tuesday night. Even my husband was impressed with it (which I knew he would be and I had to get him on board before I could even mention spending that sort of money on a kitchen appliance !!) But, having said that, he has said more than once since we said we would get one “But I’m still cooking my meat on the BBQ” – and I totally agree with him on that.
    Given that I am a rather useless cook and I like to run after work in the evenings, I am really hoping I will be able to get a decent meal on the table before 8.30-9pm which is the time we eat most nights !!!
    Thank you so much for making me laugh !!!! And, I promise here and now NOT to turn into one of those people who blabber on and on about their bloody ‘thermie’ – I get that you have a lot of money to spend on an appliance but I don’t really care what you do with it – just shut the f*ck up !!
    Have the BEST day !

    • I am going to hold you to that promise! No turning into a Thermie-zealot on me please. LOL. They are actually quite good. If I enjoyed being in the kitchen more I guarantee I would have walked out of that party with a payment plan in place.

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