Who the Hell is Hugzilla, Anyway?

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 7.54.55 pmSo it’s the weekend and I am onto my fourth gin and tonic.

I was shooting the breeze in one of my blogging groups the other day, and we were talking about a blog post by a well-known blogger who blogged about bloggers blogging sponsored blog posts. Yes, we bloggers have a higher-than-average level of susceptibility to obsessive navel-gazing, if you hadn’t already noticed.

So anyway, I’d just done my first official sponsored post (meat cake, anyone?) so it was a very timely discussion, and one I have thought about a lot lately because my decision to do this was not taken lightly.

For the record, sponsored posts are ones where the author has been paid to blog about their experience with a product, event or service. It was a really thoughtful article, and it tackled a potentially controversial subject with warmth, sensitivity and tact (characteristics which are often in serious deficit around here).

The author of the blog post in question essentially made the point that she only reads sponsored posts by “good” bloggers, which begged the question: What makes a good blogger?

According to the author:

See, being a good blogger is what it’s all about. And let me give you some examples on what I think makes a good blogger (this is just my personal opinion!)

Do I know who you are? Do I know your proper name? How long have you been around? Do I know roughly where you live, what you look like, how many kids do you have?

It was the second paragraph that really got me musing. According to that set of criteria, Hugzilla falls well short of good-blogger territory.

  • I don’t use my “proper name”.
  • Other than a post I wrote about my bushfire evacuation 12 months ago (when no one was reading anyway), I suspect that very few of you know where I live.
  • The only picture of myself on this entire blog is in my “About Me” widget, which I only included under duress (it’s THE RULES, yo!), and even then I took pains to choose one that obscured as much of my face as possible.
  • I suspect that many of you only have vague notions about the number of children I have, because I rarely if ever post about them. I actually take pride in being the mummy-blogger who never blogs about her kids, because I get a bizarre little kick from being a contrary little shit.

Quite frankly, after I tossed all this stuff around in my head I came to the conclusion that I am a shitty and emotionally-distant blogger, and that you deserve much better from this relationship.

So, you and me…. We need to have “the talk”.

It’s been 100 posts now, so I figure that it’s probably time we took things to the next level. I want to be a good blogger, and good bloggers talk about their feelings and let you feel them up a little bit. I’ve had a few glasses of gin and creaming soda, so I’m a little loose, warm and tipsy. Consider it my “Happy 100th” gift to you.

I thought we’d start with a few basics. Who the hell is Hugzilla?

Hugzilla is the product of my Gen-X paranoia. I took a remarkable leap of faith about three years ago to join my first ever Facebook group. It was a random group of 45 women who had all “met” on a parenting forum. The only three things we had in common were that we all had sex at the same time, fell pregnant and managed to end up in a Facebook group together.

I had no idea who these women were. They could have been scammers. They could have been pathological liars. They could have been Justin Bieber fans. (Turns out, we had one who was all three, but that’s a story for another time that will never happen, no matter how drunk I am or how many times you squeeze me in all the right places).

Anyway, before joining this Facebook group my natural proclivity for being a suspicious old cow led me to change my surname to “So-So”.

Why? I do not know.

It was so-so stupid.

At some point I got bored with calling myself “So-So” and changed my Facebook surname to “Pregzilla” one night, to a try and milk a few cheap LOLs. I mean, that was stupid too. Sure, when you are pregnant it feels like your pregnancy is never going to end, particularly when you have a pregnancy like mine that goes 10 days overdue and still needs the involvement of every single staff member on the maternity ward to bring that shit to a satisfactory conclusion.

But, yes, even my epic pregnancy came to it’s inevitably messy end and I needed to do a trade-in on the name Pregzilla, because I sure as shit didn’t need that hanging over my head as a potential self-fulfilling prophecy. I’d already garned a reputation within the group for being an asshole a bit of straight-talker who doesn’t sugar-coat things, and this corny internet charade of throwing “hugz” and glitter around was anathema to my truth-at-all-costs approach.

Fuck off with your hugz. They are useless to me. I don’t do hugz.

And thus, the Hugzilla pseudonym was born in a moment of delicious irony and mirth.

And errr, that’s pretty much it.

Later on I started a blog and called it Hugzilla.

The End.

God, that whole thing felt so icky. This is why I don’t talk about myself.

It’s boring and vaguely unsatisfying.

Wanna make-out instead?

You know what makes a good blogger?

A blogger who asks a question at the bottom.

I ALWAYS forget to do that.

What do YOU think makes a good blogger?


49 thoughts on “Who the Hell is Hugzilla, Anyway?

  1. Who wants to be like everyone else? Keep being a smart-ass douchebag from the suburbs please! I’m new to the blogging world and your blog is one that I look forward to coming back to each week. In a world full of selfies (*shudder*), we need a kick-ass, bad mo-fo panda.

  2. I think the best blog posts are the ones with loads of heart and personality and yours always deliver. In other news, I saw the Cat Empire play last weekend and the guy on keys wore a gun-toting panda on his t-shirt. A closet fan – I daresay. Banksy who?

    • Yes, I totally agree and beautifully said. I think there is a very pervasive idea that good blogging = personal, and I don’t necessarily agree. I think you can be a good blogger without bleeding onto the screen.

  3. These blogging rules annoy me. To me a good blogger is someone who can make a connection, someone who can make you laugh or cry. I envy those who can make others laugh as I can get a bit deep dark and boringly serious. So keep doing what you are doing hugzilla your fabulous personality shines through

    • Thank you, that is such a lovely comment. I honestly do feel sometimes that my blogging style is a little bit aloof and abrasive, which I worry makes me a bit unapproachable. This is reassuring to hear. Thank you 🙂

  4. Oh and the question! Better answer the question. A good blogger is one who writes good blog posts. That’s it for me. I don’t care if I know all the personal info or not. I just want raw interesting posts. Too many sponsored posts annoy me. A sprinkling is fine but too many sucks. And too many top 10 lists, recipes (unless you are a recipe blig) or craft how tos are kind of annoying too as peoole just post that stuff for hits. Yeah sure, if you come across a great recipe or project that you tey AND it is entertaining then blog that shit but don’t be fleshing out the posts with too much of that stuff. But that’s just me and my opinion and it’s not like I have a famius blog or anything so what the hell would I know???? 😉 If there are incredible typos then I’m so sorry – I cannot be fked going back to check this whole comment!

    • That’s exactly it for me too. My definition is similar to yours: A good blogger is a good writer who publishes high quality posts consistently. If you are going to make me read a sponsored post I think you need to go above and beyond to make it relevant and interesting and entertaining. Lots of them read like they were written with a sense of dull obligation, probably because they were.

  5. Oh man, I rarely as a question at the bottom. I’m a shit blogger!! I like blogs that are funny or interesting or even both. I can’t stand blogs about nothing. Not in a Seinfeld way, but that lack substance. I find it hard to do more than skim them.

    • I can’t even comment on your blog. It devastates me every time! LOL. I actually started using questions because I was starting to get paranoid that I was just getting my ‘Zilla on and standing up on my soapbox haranguing everyone. “Right, well, she told US!” *slinks aways quietly*

  6. I only ever ask questions at the end half the time, the other half I forget or can’t think of an interesting question so I just leave it. I have no idea if I’m a “good” blogger or now. I don’t aim to be popular or anything, I’d just like to leave a little footprint across the internet, however tiny that may be.

    • Amen! I tend to suspect that popularity is not always what it’s cracked up to be. I see the crap that people like Fat Mum Slim have to deal with and it makes me appreciate obscurity that little bit more. LOL.

  7. I like that you treasure your anonymity and also don’t blather on about your kids. Kind of your niche? I like to keep my personal details as private as possible but then do things like post lots of selfies on instagram. Ah irony.

    • Bahahahahaah! It’s funny, isn’t it, the contradictions. Social media is such a new and unknown force. We’re all just guinea pigs, basically. Trying to find the cheese. If they eat cheese. I think I’m confusing my metaphors…

  8. I think a good blogger is one who shows up, so to speak. If you write and help just one person by connecting with them, making them laugh (with or at you) or helping them you are a good blogger!

    • Totally! Showing up os half the battle won I think, and showing up time and time again is harder than it appears. I actually took a three month hiatus because I just couldn’t get anything down, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel the pressure to be present. Being creative can be exhilarating, but it can also be exhausting.

  9. And there I was thinking that Hugzilla was a legitimate Eastern European surname.

    Next time you’re having a late night drink, check out the World Series baseball. The crowd are dressing up as giant pandas in honour of one of the Giants players, who is nicknamed The Panda. Or maybe they’re honouring a “very good” blogger in Australia?

  10. Gosh it’s been ages since I’ve made out! I reckon a good blogger is someone that isn’t boring, can write on anything and be amusing and is not full of themselves… Pregzilla – I have to say… what the actual??? Thanks for linking Pregzilla

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