Case Study of Patient X: The Thermomix Viral Epidemic

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Introduction to the Thermomix Virus

In 2014, the Thermomix virus infected an estimated 48 000 people in Australia, with an average cost to the community of $2000 per person. That’s an average of         $220 000 per day, or $152 per minute.

The Thermomix virus is a foodborne illness that seems to predominantly target females of the human species. Symptoms include excessive spending on kitchen appliances, feverish obsession with discussing Thermomix, and a near-compulsive desire to assemble and infect other host vectors via Thermomix parties. The source of infection is at its most virulent in built-up residential areas, and those most vulnerable appear to be from middle and upper socioeconomic groups.

There is no known treatment, vaccination or cure. Non-infected persons are strongly advised to avoid all contact with the known-infected, and are especially urged to avoid any Thermomix gatherings. The official health warning can be found here.

Infectious Disease Case Study: Patient X

Prior to exposure, Patient X appeared to exhibit normal health, with no other pre-existing or underlying medical conditions. Patient X is of average build, height and weight and has above-average fitness, as evidenced by regular instances of recorded exercise.

By all accounts – prior to her exposure to Thermomix – Patient X was a fit and healthy individual; a well-respected school teacher with very strong ties to the community.

Such is the virulence of this disease that within 24 hours of contact with a Thermomix party, Patient X went from being completely asymptomatic to showing immediate signs of severe infection. Progress of the disease from the moment of initial contagion is swift.

Here is some of the qualitative data we collected for this case study, which clearly illustrates the rapid decline of infected persons. It has been collated from an eyewitness account recorded during a field interview:

“She used to post funny memes about drinking wine, pictures of her new chicken coop and funny videos of her toddler (on Facebook). You know, the stuff that mums usually post. 

But OMG, now ALL she does is post links to Thermomix recipes, and posts requests for Thermomix recipes from other Thermomix users, and posts pictures of her Thermomix, and posts pictures of things she has cooked in her Thermomix.

I try to reply with recipes that use a frying pan, and it’s like I DON’T EVEN EXIST.

It’s like she went to this party and the very next day she came down with   Thermo-fever straight away! It was all she could think about. All she could talk about. She was all like ‘I HAVE to get a Thermomix! You won’t BELIEVE what these things can do!’ Over and over again. I miss her so much.”


A small selection of screen-capped evidence from the social media account of Patient X, which strongly corroborates the testimonial we received from our eyewitness.

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 4.11.55 pm

thermie love 3Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 4.10.57 pm thermie love 5 thermie love 6


“Before and After” photos of Patient X. The “before” photograph was taken prior to exposure at the Thermomix party. The “after” photograph was taken 24 hours after Patient X entered phase II of the virus, which commences from possession of Thermomix. Note the striking contrast in appearance and demeanour.before after

Conclusion and Subsequent Research

Whilst the case study of Patient X has yielded some incredibly valuable data, there are still many questions yet to be answered about this elusive virus; particularly with regards to the specific mechanics of Thermomix parties as a conduit for the infection.

After much debate and consultation, the pre-eminent researcher Professor Hugzilla PhD has decided to risk personal exposure to the virus by going out into the field to collect further data from known hot-spots. In October and November 2014, Professor Hugzilla has committed to attendance at not just one, but two Thermomix parties. The research resulting from such an undertaking is invaluable to our understanding of this mysterious virus, and we wish our colleague well. She will present her findings shortly after attendance.

Do you have any questions for Professor Hugzilla?

Please add them in the comments.

Hugzilla PhD promises to answer ALL your

Thermomix-related questions.

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79 thoughts on “Case Study of Patient X: The Thermomix Viral Epidemic

  1. There is definitely something evangelical about thermomix people. A friend was surprised when I said I’d come to her friends’ practice thermomix sales pitch lunch, because I don’t cook and hate all things cooking, and I had to explain I kind of like the enthusiasm of the thermomix people, there’s something kind of catching about it, and the enthusiasm is appealing to me (not the actual thermomix)

    • Absolutely, it’s the thing I find the most fascinating too (behavioural science major here!). I will be interested to see if they can interest me too, because like you, the kitchen is the last place I prefer to be. So yeah, lots of reasons I am looking forward to it!

    • Everything is wrong with cooking. Any kind of cooking. I still fantasise about the Aldous Huxley dystopia where we all scoff down nutrition pills instead of eating. Why can’t we do that already, science?

  2. Make sure you have your Hazmat gear! In the meantime I recently caught up with a girlfriend who despite being a journalist had never heard of the Thermie. I attempted to explain that this contraption has generated more emotion among the chattering classes than ISIS, asylum seekers and Sydney house prices put together (although not nearly as much as the public vs private school debate). She just looked blank and said “people just need to justify spending $2K on the thing”. I think my friend has genetic mutation that makes her immune to the virus and thus could be very helpful in the search for a cure.

  3. Good luck with the research. You are a braver woman than I. Strikes me that the world needs to get more serious about spread of Ebola than the spread of thermomix. In my circles (yoga studio) it’s Isogneix, and I don’t think I’ll join that party either.

  4. You are amazing – this is AMAZING – what a fantastic post! I can’t wait to see how it goes down…. I’ll be waiting to see if Professor Hugzilla has a strong enough immune system to fight this sort of consumerism! x

  5. I love your thermie tales. Even as someone with the virus I still laugh a long. I have indeed witnessed someone turn up to a demonstration and then be all consumed. It’s quite funny from the outside (especially since she is now playing a tug of war with her uninfected husband).

    • Yes, it does seem the hubbies are a little more immune. Having said that, the party I am going to on Saturday is being thrown by a husband who is trying to convince his wife to buy one, so that on it’s own will be hilarious. I’m really looking forward to it!

  6. Look I won’t lie. I would quite like to be infected with the Thermie virus, but my credit card is maxed out with show purchases. Could Professor Hugzilla please ask what Thermie owners do with all their spare time, now that they can whip up a 3 course meal in under 4.5 minutes? Thanks!

  7. Oh got I have almost spat my wine out. This is hilarious!! How is your immune system?? As the author of Thermie Thursdays I will opening admit that I am well and truly infected. I have it BAD!!

  8. I fear for you Hugzilla. What will become of you? Will you make it out thermie-fever free? Don’t let me be the only person in Australia without one. Stay strong sister.

  9. Love it! Please keep your research going Hugzilla, it’s way too hilarious!
    As a complete dud in the kitchen, I just can’t get my head around all the hype.
    On the other hand, my cooking husband has been wondering out loud about Thermies lately. I’m just hoping he hasn’t been exposed to the virus.

  10. LOL! And I just love how these patients want to assure you that even if you don’t have what they have, you can still “make it” but just not as good. (Back hand slap!)
    With your 2 Thermie parties coming up…I bet you’re going to catch the bug…BAAAAD!

  11. haha oh my goodness it seems everyone has caught this goddamn virus!! I don’t see what is wrong with an old fashion oven, cooktop, pots and pans. I may be bias though as I’m a chef. I too have broke-arse syndrome so no chance of me being infected!

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