DAY FIVE: Sit down as a family and enjoy a meal together

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So it’s DAY FIVE of the “Find the ‘AWESOME’ in your family!” Challenge and we have to sit down as a family and enjoy a good meal together. As if that weren’t optimistic enough, the daily email urges us to have a civilised chat about the good things that happened that day.


*falls off chair*


*gulps air, wipes tears from eyes*

I have a 15 month old, a 3.5 year old and a husband who is out of the house for work approximately 13 hours of the day.

This is the reality of dinnertime. My husband is still at work. I have been up with the kids since 5am. If we can make it to 5pm without killing each other or exploding into nuclear tantrums or dying of boredom then by all measures it has been a successful day.

Dinner usually involves high-level negotiations with a hunger-striking pre-schooler who has discovered the power of fussy eating as a political strategy. The 15 month old will, thankfully, eat anything if he’s not feeding it to the dogs but he doesn’t make for great dinner conversation because he can’t actually speak.

So, far from inviting polite dinner-time chit-chat, if my kids would just shut up and actually eat something at meal times that would make them totally awesome indeed.

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5 thoughts on “DAY FIVE: Sit down as a family and enjoy a meal together

  1. Oh man, I feel your pain. Btw your husband’s job sucks. I actually think having a partner who has to work loads sucks more than not having one at all as there is this expectation that you should have hubby around to help out at least a little. You rock woman. How you get through bath and bed each night after such an early start to the day is beyond me.

    • Oh yes, I hate those hours. LOL. I have a theory that he only really works eight hours and spends the extra time with his colleagues kicking back at the pub. Or learning crochet at community college. Or rocking back and forth in the corner for several hours, psyching himself up to come home to crazy little people.

  2. Yes, I feel your pain. If we ever had time to “enjoy” a family meal together, I would die of shock! Those dinner-time negotiations are a real battle and the day is really endured with the hope of bedtime around the corner.

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