The Exorcism Results are In!

It’s been three days since I performed an exorcism to help my 15 month old baby sleep better in the mornings. Specifically, to try and make him sleep later than 4:30am or 5am, which he has been doing for months.

I thought I’d upload a follow-up post with the exorcism results for the benefit of anyone not privvy to my private Facebook feed, and what better or more lazy way to do that than to simply copy and paste my status updates from the last few days.

DAY ONE : Cautious optimism

day 1

DAY TWO : Delirious relief with a side order of public humiliation

day 2

day 2 a

DAY THREE : The crushing yet inevitable devastation

day 3

Read about why I needed to do an exorcism HERE.

Read about the exorcism itself HERE.


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