The Top 10 Ways to Judge Parents: A Handy Pocket Guide

I started thinking about all the ways in which we meet with judgement as parents. I threw the question out to my online mother’s group for discussion and the floodgates were opened, so much so that it has inspired three different blog posts in varying stages of development about the one single topic. How insidious it is, how ever-present it is, how contradictory it is, how utterly ridiculous it is.

I have already written about judgement in an earlier post, “Yes, You Are a Shit Mum”, but that barely scraped the sides of this fascinating topic.

Here is a handy pocket guide containing some of the most important “key performance indicators” for assessing parenthood. Make sure you always have a copy on you, because the last thing you want to do is walk past a parent without judging them.

1 j labour judge2 j bf ff judge3 j routine judge4 j car seat judge5 j weaning judge6 j large fam judge7 j sahm judge8 j sleeping judge9 j tv judge10 j kids judge


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