Friday Flowchart: Anatomy of a Mummy Meltdown

I’ve been the member of a parenting forum for about four years now. The membership is around 95% female, most of them mothers. It has always bemused me that the craziest threads always take place on a Friday – usually in the late afternoon or the evening – and it is such a well-established trend on the forum that the phenomenon has its own special acronym and is the subject of much self-referential mirth. We all look forward to those juicy Friday trainwreck threads. We live vicariously through them.

Now that I am at at home full time with a preschooler and a young toddler to care for, I totally understand the Friday mummy meltdown. No matter how well the day begins, it always seems to end in a big steaming pile of emotional shit. Fatigue, boredom and a profound feeling of general malaise all conspire to the inevitable explosion or implosion of mummy’s mental wellbeing.

I have summarised it in a flowchart for you.

Friday flowchart meltdown


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