Body parts

My three year old son is all about boobies and bums and genitals at the moment.

He has been at preschool for about 4 months now, long enough to determine that the world is made up of two kinds of people. Girls and boys.

The accumulated wisdom of his 3.25 years has taught him this:

Boys and girls have bums.

Girls have boobies.

Boys have penises.

Girls have penises.

These are all his assertions. I’ve yet to have the vagina conversation with him, clearly, because I kind of thought that would just confuse him, and if there is anything we know about men at any age is that they are generally confused and confounded by vaginas. I’ll be sure to set him straight the next time it comes up in the conversation. He is still struggling with the mechanics of using his own equipment to pee properly, so I kind of figure mastering all of that is a prerequisite to moving onto the next stage of the discussion.

It will also give him ample new material to add to his growing list of songs about nudity, defecation and genitalia. I look forward to hearing his new compositions.

On a slightly tangential note: Thank you WordPress for alerting me to a selection of “related content” hosted by your server, including images. I’m not sure how my typing a cutesy blog post about my son and his typical three-year-old fascination with genitalia translates into “Hey, I really want to see a whole bunch of random, erect penises as I type this. Open the phallic flood gates!” Interestingly, the pictures of penises outnumber the pictures of vaginas by a ratio of 20:1. Clearly penises are extroverts and vaginas are introverts.

I mean, really…. We all have a penis, it’s no big deal. Give it a rest, internet.


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