Managing expectations

The problem when you rely too heavily on a creative team to define the parameters of any major project is that invariably the costs are going to blow out because numbers are anathema to creative people. This is even more the case if your “creative team” is essentially a three year old who can reliably count to eleventeen.

Having brainstormed the brief and decided on the design and recipe, I soon realised that I had neglected to actually do any fiscal research in my enthusiastic haste to sign off on the project. The rainbow unicorn has blown the budget.

The splendiferous techni-coloured mane that makes the rainbow unicorn a rainbow unicorn as opposed to a non-rainbow unicorn features seven different types of coloured fondant. I go online with the intent to purchase said fondant and choke back in slack-jawed disbelief when I realise it is going to cost me somewhere in the ballpark of $118.65 plus postage.

$118.65 for what is essentially multi-coloured edible plastic.

$118.65 before the cost of the other ingredients.


If I was ever insane enough to spend that kind of money on a cake it would be sheer raving lunacy to spend it gambling on one of my own creations, especially when I could buy an Adriano Zumbo croquembouche for less than that.

So we have had to revise our expectations. The rainbow unicorn will no longer be a rainbow unicorn. The A-man’s favourite colour is red, so I have chosen to go with that colour, and that colour alone for the mane. The rainbow unicorn is now a ranga.

You win this round, The Cake Formerly Known as Rainbow Unicorn.


One thought on “Managing expectations

  1. If you don’t mind a pastel rainbow unicorn you can colour the fondant with a small amount of ordinary food colouring (queen brand, supermarket baking aisle) you can’t add too much or it will go sticky but a little is fine.

    And how is it you get to make unicorns and I’m stuck with dinosaurs?

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