Strawberry Triangle Fondant – making impossible cakes

So I asked my three year old creative director what kind of birthday cake I should cook for his brother. I was excited and apprehensive and terrified that he was going to ask for a technically correct reconstruction of a late 19th century steam train with a smiley face.

Hugzilla: What kind of cake should I bake Fannel?

 A-man: Strawberries.

 Hugzilla: No, I mean what kind of cake should I bake? What shape?

 A-man: Triangle.

 Hugzilla: But I mean, like an object. A thing. What kind of thing do you want me to make?

 A-man: A strawberry triangle.

 Hugzilla: (sighs)  Watch out for that car. I said HOLD MY HAND!!!

If nothing else it was an important reminder that I should refrain from calling any future meetings with my project manager in the middle of the car park at Coles on a busy Saturday afternoon.

I was a little disappointed with the brief I was given but in line with “The Rules” I have put in place for this project (which I promise in my next post) I had to plough on with the idea. I mean, even I could pull off a triangle cake with a few strawberries stuck on top so I had to be creative with the request.

I turned to google. My search term: “Strawberry triangle fondant”.

Granted, it wasn’t in the brief but I want to use fondant for no other reason than the fact it is in “The Rules” because all the fancy mama blog cakes have fondant these days and I can’t be seen to be short-changing my family. Fondant = love. Fondant = winners circle.

Make no mistake this IS a competition. Behind all the pastel pink marzipan and confetti-coated cake pops there are winner and losers. There are preening braggarts and sarcastic failures.

It is my goal to attain at least “preening failure” status.

I think I can get there with this cake. Whilst not a direct, literal interpretation of the brief it turned up during my google images search and as such it is still in line with the rules of the challenge.

Game on, rainbow unicorn.

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4 thoughts on “Strawberry Triangle Fondant – making impossible cakes

  1. Seriously ? A triangle fondant strawberry cake is beneath your cake decorating talents…
    And I laugh … Please tell me you are baking today ? Pretty please ?

  2. Please enlighten me as to what the hell a fondant is? Is it like meringue? I just bought my kids a $25.00 soccer cake from Woolies because: (a) I am under no illusions about my baking ability; and (b) with two to prepare for, I just don’t have the time to put myself under that much pressure. But I am sure YOU will do splendidly. Good luck hun!

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